So some pretty major history happened in my Church today.

I'm Mormon. Every six months, we have a Church-wide General Conference. It is broadcast all over the world for anyone to watch. In the 165 years since the Mormon Church has had General Conference, a woman has never given the opening or closing prayer. Women have been speakers, but they've never prayed. But today a woman was assigned to pray. And what's even better is that this follows a letter-writing campaign from Mormons to Church leadership asking them to have a woman pray at GC. A lot of the Mormon feminist camp that was heading it ( got a lot of flack and were accused of undermining Church authority and whatever. But turns out the powers that be listened and understood.

I know that it feels like such a small step and that there is still a TON of gender disparity, but it's still a step. And it's a fantastic step. :)